Jump on the bandwagon with us today!

Posted on Tue, 11/26

Giving Tuesday is a day of philanthropy where people from more than 150 countries show support to their favorite nonprofits during one 24 hour period. In the past two years alone, 620 viewers like you gave back to Austin PBS on Giving Tuesday.

The magic of this global day of giving is two-fold. 1) After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we've seen that our members are eager to switch gears and give back. 2) There's the Bandwagon Effect. Essentially, the more people do something, the more others want to join in. And when THE WORLD is giving back on a single day, it's a nice bandwagon on which to hitch your star.

Every single day, on four distinct channels, Austin PBS broadcasts media that educates and inspires. The television options available these days are profuse, and that can be great, but Austin PBS strives to be more. Our focus is to serve viewers who rely on our content by providing diverse perspectives, vigorous journalism, compelling documentaries and high-quality entertainment that's free to watch and free of commercials and corporate bottom lines.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 in just one day! And you have maximum impact on Austin PBS when you schedule your gift now thanks to a generous match from Wilson & Goldrick Realtors. They will meet us dollar-for-dollar on all scheduled gifts to Austin PBS up to $2,500! Those early funds will be immediately deducted on December 3, providing us with a terrific head start on Giving Tuesday.

Schedule your Giving Tuesday donation now at our Secure Matching Link:

You can also give the generous gift of your time! Join us on Giving Tuesday at our new Austin PBS satellite office for a volunteer opportunity. What better way to embrace the holiday season than by pitching in your talents alongside others? Sign up here to help with our Season's Greetings mailing project.

You are the reason public television thrives! Thank you for believing in Austin PBS! We're looking forward to a wonderful Giving Tuesday here in Austin and across the world.

Special thanks to our Challenge Match Business Sponsor
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