Hero Elementary To The Rescue!

Posted on Wed, 1/27

The PBS KIDS's show Hero Elementary showcases a school for budding superheroes, where kids learn to master their innate powers, like flying and teleportation, while exploring science along the way. When their imperfect powers aren’t up to the task, they look to their other powers — the superpowers of science — to help them investigate, observe, make predictions and figure out a solution.

Geared for children ages 4-7 who will learn...
Science through everyday situations and relationships
Science inquiry, engineering design practices and content knowledge to solve meaningful problems in the world
Appropriate social/emotional skills, like empathy

Austin PBS's Ready To Learn Director suggests caregivers try this hands-on Bubble Up! activity with their kids to encourage some screen-free time.

You can check out additional Hero Elementary activities, apps and videos at pbskids.org/heroelementary and at pbs.org/parents/shows/hero-elementary.

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